Identify problems with your pet quickly at Hampstead Veterinary Center. We specialize in state-of-the-art ultrasounds and veterinary radiology in Hampstead, MD. When your family pet is experiencing pain or unusual symptoms, we act fast to locate the issue. Through sedated radiology, X-rays, and ultrasounds, our team can identify any number of maladies.

We understand that you hurt when your pet hurts. Find out what’s causing the pain with digital radiography at our animal hospital. Images are captured and analyzed within minutes. Whether your animal has a broken bone or a torn muscle, our board-certified radiologist identifies the problem so we can begin treatment.

Accurate & Quick Pet Ultrasounds

If an X-ray doesn’t identify the problem, then an ultrasound will. We specialize in conducting safe and thorough veterinary ultrasounds with our completely integrated digital X-ray system. It produces high-quality diagnostic radiographs in much shorter time. This means less stress for your pet and better answers for you and the doctors.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless diagnostic tool for viewing the internal organs and evaluating their function. It’s often better than X-rays for diagnosing many conditions. Our staff uses these pet scans to find bladder stones, tumors, and other foreign bodies or problems. It is also helpful for scanning and studying the following in your pet:

Bones & Ligaments
Heart & Blood Vessels

Adrenal Glands
Prostate Gland
Other Internal Organs

Animal Hospital Room

Animal X-Ray