Pet Medicine

How is your pet feeling? Is your cat lethargic? Has your dog been injured? Whatever the problem, we offer prompt, caring, and state-of-the-art pet medicine in Hampstead, MD. Whether your pet is only a few weeks old or many years old, your animal deserves to have a long, healthy, and playful life. At Hampstead Veterinary Center, our veterinarian and fear-free certified staff provide comprehensive services to ensure your pet is completely cared for. Some of the services we offer include:

Annual Wellness Exam
Chronic Illness Care
Pain Management
Pet Microchipping
In-House Diagnostics
Blood Work
Urine Testing

Ultrasounds by a Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist
Referral Service to Board-Certified Specialists
Flea & Tick Prevention
Heartworm Prevention
Prescription Food & Medications
Emergency Appointments for Established Clients
Health & Travel Certificates
Ear Cytology & Treatment

People-Friendly & Pet-Friendly & Veterinary Clinic

We want you and your pet to be comfortable at our veterinary clinic. When you visit us, you’ll see that we care about all of the members of your family—especially the furry ones. If your pet is acting odd or it’s time for a checkup, contact us to schedule an appointment. We perform emergency vet examinations, surgery, and treatment to ensure your pet gets the best care possible. Expect excellent medical and surgical treatment from our accomplished, compassionate, and board-certified veterinarian.

Puppy Getting Eye Drops

Cat Getting Teeth Checked